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Make the most of your time in LA with our insider's guide to navigating the neighborhood. Discover up-and-coming art galleries, tuck into local restaurants and bars, and make your way to live music venues or sporting events. We’ll let you in on our favorite places to drink, dine, shop, and explore.

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  • whote wine cheers crop

    Food, Wine and Reality TV

    March 02

    A festival in Hollywood wouldn’t be complete without a touch of television. On March 19th and 20th, Universal Studios Hollywood welcomes you to Bravo’s Top Chef Food & Wine Festival, the first of its kind. 

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  • woman holding film clapper

    "Quiet On The Set... Take 1... Action!"

    February 03

    Movies and television have brought joy, sadness, upset, and excitement (along with every other emotion) to our screens for decades, and a tour throughout Warner Brother Studios puts it all into perspective. A trip to Los Angeles almost wouldn’t feel complete without fulfilling your Hollywood dreams of touring a studio that has been entertaining us for over 95 years! 

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  • business meeting in cafe

    Networking Into The 20's

    January 06

    With the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, traveling to Los Angeles can be a little fast-paced. Whether you choose to brunch it out somewhere on Melrose or club the night away on Santa Monica Blvd., we’re here to remind you that your trip to the west coast can be a little more productive than you think! Throughout January, you have the opportunity to mingle with business professionals from all over at various networking events in West Hollywood. 

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  • mom and son is christmas sweaters and santa hats

    L.A.’s Descanso Gardens, The Starting Point Of An Enchanted Holiday Season

    December 02

    When you visit L.A.’s Descanso Gardens this December, you can recapture the magic of your childhood when you peruse The Enchanted Forest.

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  • female runner crossing the finish line

    Peddle to the Metal for a Thanksgiving Race like No Other

    November 04

    This Thanksgiving weekend, if you find yourself staying with us in West Hollywood, we got just the event to put you in a festive mood. 

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  • adults in halloween costumes

    A Halloween Carnival Comes to West Hollywood

    October 07

    Indulge your spooky side with a Halloween festival this October, right here in West Hollywood.

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  • gelato ice cream cones

    Gelato-Lovers Rejoice, We’ve Got An Event For You

    September 02

    Sample hundreds of creamy gelatos at the Gelato Festival America. The delicious event takes place on September 28th and 29th at the Pacific Design Center on Melrose Avenue.

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  • haunted house

    Breezy Weather, Chilling Tours: All in L.A. This August

    August 01

    August brings a reprieve from July’s heat with breezier weather, making it the perfect time to get outside in L.A. Why not enjoy a different way of getting outdoors with a spooky ghost tour around downtown L.A.?

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  • business people shaking hands

    Elevate Your Professional Development During Your Stay

    July 01

    Whether you're staying with us for business or pleasure this July, think about using your free time to explore professional development events in West Hollywood. There are plenty of events happening this summer, including job fairs, expos, summits and more. 

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  • pride festival

    Can’t Miss in June: The LA Pride Festival

    June 03

    Experience the rainbow of diversity that represents this annual celebration. No matter what brings you to Los Angeles this June, one of the events you’d hate to miss is this one!

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  • bongo drummers

    Visit the 3rd Annual Cuban-American Music Festival

    May 01

    Good coffee, mighty sandwiches, and lively music—what’s not to love? Watch as the Cuban-American Music Festival transforms downtown L.A. into a Cuban block party.

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  • couple eating from food truck

    Get Outside for Some Tasty Grub at the Food Truck Festival

    April 01

    Spring brings flowers, allergies and a lot of food trucks to L.A.! For a limited number of months, Final Fridays is hosting a food truck extravaganza on the last Friday of each month. 

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  • subway train los angeles

    Witness The Unique Artistry of L.A. During Your Stay

    March 04

    Los Angeles is a city bursting with originality, artistry, and passion for the arts. While your here this March, you have plenty of opportunities to see this for yourself.

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  • couple eating chocolates

    Indulge Your Sweet Tooth with Your Sweetie

    February 04

    What’s better than receiving chocolates on the most romantic day of the year? Three hours of chocolate! That’s exactly what lovebirds (and our adventurous singles) can do this V-day with the Chocolate Indulgence Tour of L.A.

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  • red lanterns in chinatown san francisco

    Ring in the Lunar New Year this January

    January 01

    Los Angeles is well-known for having a thriving Chinese community, rich in culture and tradition. At the end of every January, Monterey Park hosts a two-day festival to celebrate the Chinese New Year in accordance with the Lunar Calendar.

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  • nutcracker ornament

    Immerse Yourself in the Most Festive Light Displays L.A. has to offer

    December 03

    Light shows abound this holiday season in the entertainment capital of the world. There’s so many to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one recommendation for our guests. So we picked two!

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  • Have Your Mind Blown at One of LA’s Live Talks

    November 05

    Ever want to pick the brain of some of the most accomplished minds of our time? Well, here's your shot! Well, here's your shot!

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  • Fall Features Scary Flicks and a Festive Carnaval

    October 01

    Halloween brings creative costumes, candy corn, and those ever-popular scary movies. We know you love ‘em, so we’re listing some fabulous opportunities for blood-curdling binge-watching, along with a heads-up about West Hollywood’s most fabulous Halloween gathering.

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  • Party Late into the Night at the World Famous Viper Room

    September 03

    Whether you’re in the business of music or movies, L.A. is the place to be. It’s no wonder then that some of the hottest clubs in the world are right here in West Hollywood.

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  • Book Soup: Where Hollywood Celebrities, Literary Luminaries, and Book Lovers Meet

    August 06

    In the early 1970s, two UCLA graduate students got this crazy idea to open an independent bookstore in West Hollywood (a neighborhood not necessarily known for its literary devotion). 

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  • Laughter’s Always on Sale at the Comedy Store

    July 04

    What do John Belushi, Jim Carrey, Johnny Carson, Dave Chappelle, Ellen DeGeneres, Whoopi Goldberg, Chelsea Handler, and Steve Martin all have in common?

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  • Party Hard on the 4th with Friends and Family at the Pacific Palisades Parade

    June 05

    In less than a month, fireworks will blanket the skies across the United States in celebration of the nation’s founding. If you’ll be here in Los Angeles on the 4th and would like to partake in some patriotic festivities, check out the Pacific Palisades Parade, just a half-hour drive from our hotel.

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  • The Grove: Los Angeles’ Premier Outdoor Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Center

    May 09

    With a design reminiscent of Los Angeles’ classic historic districts, the Grove is the go-to destination for shopping, dining, socializing, and all-around entertainment.

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  • The Los Angeles Philharmonic: Breaking the Bounds of the Big Five

    April 01

    For much of the 20th century, the Big Five of North America’s classical music scene were indisputably the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, and the Philadelphia Orchestra.

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  • From Agrabah to L.A.: The Tale of a Boy and His Magical Lamp

    March 07

    Everyone knows that if you want big screen blockbuster entertainment, you go to L.A., and if you want Tony Award winning live theater, you go to New York. In recent years, however, the historic Pantages Theatre has been on the forefront of bringing Broadway’s best right here to the city of Los Angeles.

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  • The Best Improv in Los Angeles

    February 07

    Let’s be honest, when improv comedy is bad, it’s really bad, but when it’s good, it’s just about the most entertaining thing you’ll ever see.

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  • Dreaming of Mexico in the City of Angels

    January 08

    For nearly a century, Los Angeles has been the place to be for movie magic and blockbuster entertainment. From now through February 11, it will also be home to the world’s preeminent theatrical performance ensemble, Cirque du Soleil.

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  • Christmas Tree Lane: L.A.’s Answer to a White Christmas

    December 06

    SoCal is not exactly known for having a white Christmas. Palm trees and sunny skies, rather than cedars and snow, tend to be the order of the day. That said, if you’re longing for the storybook holiday experience, you can find it around here.

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  • An Enchanted Evening of Lights at L.A.’s Descanso Gardens

    November 08

    One of the most time honored Christmas traditions in the United States, riding from house to house to marvel at flamboyant yard displays—inflatable reindeer, dancing snowmen, Santa sleighs bigger than a Chevrolet Bel Air Sedan—is a hallmark of the suburban childhood experience.

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  • Indulge in Bavaria's Best

    October 08

    One of the great assets of the Los Angeles area is the tremendous cultural diversity that enhances the joy of life for us all. From now through the end of the month, you can take part in Southern California’s longest-running Oktoberfest, where authentic German food, drink, and music are a recipe for some of the liveliest parties of the year.

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  • The Viper Room: A Rock and Roll Institution

    September 05

    One of the hottest clubs on the Sunset Strip, The Viper Room was originally known as Melody Room, a jazz joint and favorite nightspot of gangsters Mickey Cohen and Bugsy Siegel.

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  • A Generous Serving of Book Soup

    August 10

    When you hear “Hollywood” (whether “west” or otherwise), you probably immediately think of blockbuster films, glitzy red carpet galas, and celebrities trying to duck past persistent paparazzi. You probably don’t immediately think of literary expertise and appreciation, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at Book Soup.

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  • The Comedy Store, Where Laughter is Always in Stock

    July 02

    When most folks hear “Hollywood,” they picture the classic stars of the silver screen, from Clark Gable, to Cary Grant, to Meryl Streep. Equally representative of the Hollywood glitterati are the many comedians who’ve gotten their start at West Hollywood’s own Comedy Store.

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  • Independence Day in L.A.

    June 04

    As cities across the United States prepare to celebrate Independence Day, Los Angeles is once again at the forefront of festivities with its Pacific Palisades Parade.

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  • Shopping and Socializing at the Grove

    May 01

    No visit to L.A. would be complete without a day out shopping and dining in the sun. So when the mood strikes you, head over to The Grove, one of the city’s top stops for high-end fashion and fraternizing.

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  • A Day When Suddenly Everyone's Irish

    March 05

    An Irish fever sweeps across the home of the brave in the middle of March.

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  • Tearful Tributes to Famous Hollywood Loves

    February 04

    Classic movies featuring lovey-dovey couples are returning to silver screens.

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  • Smooth Out Last Year's Bruises

    January 08

    A smash weekend in Los Angeles is definitely going to improve your water cooler talk.

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