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Take up residence at Montrose West Hollywood. A luxury apartment-turned hotel, our private, intimate enclave is the top choice in West Hollywood for extended stays, relaxing weekends or taking care of business.

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  • “This is a trendy suite hotel in a residential West Hollywood neighborhood. I felt comfortable like being at home, though away from home. Our room had a full kitchen which made our stay more enjoyable. The rooftop pool is an added benefit, as is the close proximity to Beverly Hills ”
    By KoolNYC
hollywood sign from behind and looking out over the city
the hollywood sign from the bottom of the hill

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This iconic California landmark can be seen from all around town but looks best close-up.

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LEMONTROSE Web Homepage 05_2_2 Attractions Walk Fame
LEMONTROSE Web Homepage 05_2_1 Attractions Walk Fame

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The world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame is a stretch of cinematic history.

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LEMONTROSE Web Homepage 05_3_2 Attractions Pantages Theatre
LEMONTROSE Web Homepage 05_3_1 Attractions Pantages Theatre

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This Art Deco theatre features a variety of touring Broadway shows.

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LEMONTROSE Web Homepage 05_5_2 Attractions Dolby
LEMONTROSE Web Homepage 05_5_1 Attractions Dolby

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The permanent home of the prestigious Academy Awards.

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LEMONTROSE Web Homepage 05_4_2 Attractions LACMA
LEMONTROSE Web Homepage 05_4_1 Attractions LACMA

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Attracting nearly a million visitors annually, LACMA is the largest art museum in the western US.

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